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Every one of our products is made in Italy, exclusively with the highest quality leathers, for a bright, soft, durable and durable leather.


" The first time I showed an olive tree to my children they remained silent.
What could possibly connect a tree to our work?
I explained to them that the olive tree is one of the strongest plants in nature, one of the oldest, a symbol of life and rebirth, of redemption but above all of resistance. By stroking his Cortex, its knots and its crooked branches, I explained to them that life must be taken in the same way: the roots must be strong, well planted in the ground. It is the roots that make the Tree withstand the weather, they make sure that the wind does not break it but only makes it bow to its strength.
And our work had to take an example from this symbol of extreme strength: it was 1979 and they were just children, a clean slate to fill.
Working as a family means standing up to your roots, rooting deeply the feeling of fidelity, protection and continuous support, constant but passionate.
So I started, making the roots sad.
And they knew how to rise, how to grow up in the sun.
And how to resist the Wind. "

Something Authentic

The creative and skilled hands of the Father, and the Sons then, followed every detail, every seam and every nuance, of each product.


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