A love story

The craftsman Ugo Severino loved spending his summer holidays in Puglia, strolling through the lush olive groves with his family. On a sunny August afternoon, enchanted by the headstrong beauty of these tree, a symbol of strength, pride and spirituality, he looked at his three sons and said: "The olive tree is resistant to heat and drought; it adapts, writhes, but it's still there, majestic, balance on its roots. The olive tree is the life".
Thus was born "Il Kuoio" and the logo that, since that moment, represents it.
Since 1979 , the love and the passion of Ugo Severino for fine leather goods and his attention to details have been the roots of Il Kuoio. Meticulous, creative, skilful, he gave rise to what today is a prominent company in the view of the  "Made in Italy" leather. Every seam expertly curated by master craftsmen, every nuance of leather, every detail reveals the self-denial that Ugo Severino put in founding this company, and the dedication with which his sons now manage it.


Italian Excellence

The products "Il Kuoio" are a proud banner of the "Made in Italy".

The company chose to use only the finest vegetable-tanned leathers, according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. This production process is slow and accurate, and it provides a shiny, soft, strong and durable leather, while respecting the environment . This choice earned the company a certificate of guarantee of the "Consortium Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned ' .

"Il Kuoio" also uses the best available technology for accessories, combining tradition and innovation.

The details such as buckles, rivets and barbs are made of "zama", a versatile and durable alloy of zinc, galvanized and treated to prevent oxidation and maintain the clarity and brilliance over time.

The locks with key, features of many professional bags, are guaranteed ALCE, synonymous of professionalism and long time experience in the field of accessories for leather goods of the highest quality.


A family passion

Il Kuoio has made of elegance and sobriety its distinctiveness. Combining skillfully tradition and technology, classic designs and modern patterns, the company always innovates itself and offers its customers products of the latest trends and charm.

"Il Kuoio" is now managed by the sons of Ugo Severino who, as olive branches born from the main trunk,  have inherited his passion and strength, but improving them according to their aptitudes:

·         Vincenzo, the eldest, has inherited the creativity: he designs and implements the models;

·         Giovanni, the second, inherited resourcefulness: he manages the marketing department, interfacing with customers, suppliers and partners;

·         Sergio,  the youngest but physically the most "solid", inherited tenacity: he manages all the activities of the control and supervision of warehouses and laboratories .

Buying an "Il Kuoio" product it's not just wear a bag, but a piece of Italian history.